Why Subpar?

Have you ever wondered why the orc is humming at the end of your round of golf? Can you recognize yourself in the fact that focus is deteriorating?

The food and drinks that are often offered outside at golf clubs contain fast carbohydrates, which give a short-term boost of energy and make you feel energetic at first, but rather quickly lose strength and energy.

This was something our founder Mark experienced and wanted to do something about. In addition to technique, diet and physique are more important than many people think in order to improve their golf game.

Mark tried in many ways to improve his game through improved technique, better physical condition and mental training, but there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. In order to perform at his peak throughout the golf round, he realized that he needed a diet that could provide long-lasting energy that was distributed at an even rate. The existing diet options at most golf clubs simply did not measure up, therefore he developed his own energy bars exclusively designed for golfers under the name UnderPar together with experts.

UnderPar's products are designed to give the body optimal conditions to perform and maintain focus. This is through, for example, the exclusive casein protein, which is absorbed slowly by the body over a longer period of time, as well as a high proportion of fiber for an increased feeling of satiety.