About us

It all started with founder Mark Järgren's quest to improve his golf game.

He trained in fantastic training facilities with the best technical instructors, met with mental coaches and close game experts and tested all kinds of equipment and aids. His insights and knowledge led to the conclusion that proper and good nutrition must also be one of the pieces of the puzzle to reach one's goals. However, the supply of nutritious food at the Swedish golf clubs was limited. Mark then chose to create his own nutritional and energy-rich products to help the golfer maintain a consistent energy level throughout the game. Hence our slogan – TASTE THE GAME CHANGER.

In the past, it was not uncommon to see untrained men and women on golf's most prestigious tours and championships. Today, the picture is completely different and the most successful players prioritize their training and attach great importance to their diet. The professional golfer has evolved into an athlete. Many of golf's world stars have physiques comparable to professional athletes in running, track and field, swimming and gymnastics. UnderPar therefore offers products that are well adapted to golfers who demand a nutritious diet.

The diet options that are often offered on golf courses only provide short-term energy in the form of fast carbohydrates. UnderPar's products are designed to give the body optimal conditions to perform and maintain focus throughout your round of golf. UnderPar is developed in Sweden by golfers and for golfers or for those of you who love the game as much as we do.